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Program administration


PHONE: (858) 307-1108/4088


Administration program involves full range of procedural work for the office. Its typical functions involved:

  • Maintain subject matter files and records that relate to the work of the department . Set up and maintain logs showing the status of actions and correspondence. Ensure that files include all required documents and that all documents are properly signed.

  • Receive visitors and telephone calls to the office, determine the nature of requests and direct callers to appropriate staff, or personally provide the information desired when routine or procedural matters of the office are involved. Take requests for appointments with supervisor and staff. Check on availability of supervisor or staff and confirm appointments. Reschedule appointments upon request of supervisor or staff member.

  • Respond to routine and non-technical requests for information such as status reports, suspense dates for matters requiring compliance, and similar information readily available from files. This may involve determining whether or not to release the information based upon the nature or degree of sensitivity of the information and the requester’s authority to receive the information.

  • Receive incoming correspondence, screen material prior to distribution for suspense dates, establish controls, and follow up with supervisor. Review correspondence prepared for the supervisor and provide quality control by checking for spelling, typographical errors, conformance to formats and procedural requirements.

  • Requisition office supplies, equipment, and publications.

Permits, Plans & Regulations

  • Plans and permits are normally kept and filed by the respective department; i.e., waste management, natural resources, and engineering. There are several manuals in environmental protection and management regulations in our library. Information regarding permits, plans and regulations for EMD’s environmental programs can be accessed in MCAS Miramar’s EMS web site under Environmental Programs.

Operating Procedures

  • We maintain and update the Desktop Procedures binder in the front desk. It provides procedural instructions on the telephone system, review time and attendance sheets, send Federal Express packages, and report building and equipment discrepancy for repairs.

Blank Forms & Checklists

  • We provide limited supply of hazardous waste and recyclable material labels.


  • Letters and correspondence are kept in file for about three years.  Outgoing memoranda are serialized and documented in the logbook.  Incoming mails and messages are stamped with date received and sequence number.

Training Resources & Presentations

  • For reservations and to coordinate training and group presentations, please call 858-307-1108.

Supporting Information

  • We are here to assist and serve the US Marine Corps in environmental management and related matters.  If you have any questions, please call 858-307-1108.


  • Provide timely support on EMD staff's various administrative needs.
Marine Corps Air Station Miramar-EMS