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Program Support Division
Program Support Division page


PHONE: (858)577-6115


Program Support Division (PSD) facilitates/coordinates compliance with National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) for proposed projects/activities, variety of environmental data calls, departmental budget planning and execution,  and various administrative/IT related activities.




Program Support Staff

  • Support Services Specialist 858-577-1108

Responsible for various administrative and IT related activities such as answering or routing telephone calls, receiving visitors, tracking/logging of incoming and outgoing corresponding, maintaining files and records of various environmental documents, requisition of supplies and equipment, request necessary departmental repairs, coordinate computer related troubles, software's, and hardware needs with S-6.

  • Budget Analyst 858-577-4778

Responsible for the Department’s budget planning, execution and management.  Specific responsibilities include: ensuring that requisition of supplies and equipment are in compliance with federal and MC  guidelines;  for HQMC budget data calls such as POM, OPS, CAF, etc. that are all related to planning and execution, and Departmental budget travel planning and reimbursement.

  • Environmental Planner 858-577-1264

Responsible for compliance and implementation of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Duties involve: development and implementation of MCAS Miramar policies and procedures related to compliance with NEPA and other laws, regulations and polices related to environmental documentation and  preparation of, environmental documentation, including categorical exclusion checklists, decision memoranda, environmental assessments, findings of no significant impact, environmental impact statements and records of decision.

  • Environmental Protection Specialist (EPS) 858-577-1183

Responsible for coordination, completion and submittal of various environmental data calls such as Environmental Management Reviews (EMRs), Defense  Environmental Programs Annual Report to Congress (DEP ARC), and Cooperating Agency Report.  The EPS is also responsible for the preparation of CATEXs, coordination and review of EA's and EIS's and provides necessary Admin support.

HQMC Data Calls 


The most important starting point for an EMS* is the development of an environmental policy. ISO14001 requires local governments to implement their own environmental policy. The environmental policy acts as a basis for the environmental management system.


ISO14001 requires that an environmental management system is planned properly. It requires the organization to consider the following carefully: Environmental Aspects; Legal and Other Aspects; Objectives and Targets; and an Environmental Management Program.


The two requirements for implementation of an EMS is to define, document, and communicate roles, responsibilities and authorities, and to allocate the resources needed to implement and control the EMS.


The key requirement in this EMS step is to regularly monitor and measure key characteristics of activities and operations that could have a significant impact on the environment. Changes to EMS procedures may become necessary in order to deal with nonconformances with the EMS, with mitigating environmental impacts, or corrective and preventive action.


The management review process ensure that information is collected to enable management to carry out proper review. Top management review the need for changes to policy, objectives and targets, and ensure that a commitment to continual improvement is being demonstrated.

Marine Corps Air Station Miramar-EMS