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MWHS-3 supply equips Marines for deployment

By Lance Cpl. James B. Hoke | | September 27, 2005

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(Photo by Lance Cpl. James B. Hoke)

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(Photo by Lance Cpl. James B. Hoke)

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MARINE CORPS AIR STATION MIRAMAR, Calif. -- Since the opening of the Consolidated Issue Facility a little more than two years ago, Marine Wing Headquarters Squadron 3 supply hasn't had to supply Marines with nearly as much gear as they did in the past.  Even so, supply Marines still perform a critical mission.

"Supply's primary mission is to ensure that all Marines get what they need," said Lance Cpl. Kevin P. Jones, consolidated memorandum receipt clerk, MWHS-3, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing. "A lot like what CIF is doing now, just at a lesser capacity."

According to Lance Cpl. Jonathan W. Chaline, warehouse clerk, MWHS-3, the majority of the gear supply deals with is Training Allowance Pool gear.

"TAP gear is mainly desert utilities, desert boots, boonie covers, camelbacks, goggles and hand sanitizers," said the Houston native. "Just the basic gear you are going to wear."

However, Marines don't receive any gear until they are preparing for deployment, and that gear is all the same.

"When it comes time for deployment, we issue out all of the TAP gear," said Chaline. "Everyone is going to take the same gear out there. You can expect a deployment to have either hot or cold weather, so everyone takes the same gear. There is no difference between what Marines receive from us."

Although this gear is issued to Marines upon deployment, they don't have to return all of their gear upon their return.

"When the deployment ends, Marines are going to keep all of the TAP gear that supply issued to them," said Cpl. Michael T. Koble, fiscal clerk, MWHS-3. "However, all of the gear the CIF issued to them will have to be returned."

According to Chaline, there isn't much difference between the CIF and supply, as they both issue gear to Marines.

"Basically, the CIF and supply are the same thing," said Chaline. "We order more gear than what they do and we supply not only TAP gear to Marines but administrative supplies to units as well. The CIF supplies Marines with their combat gear."

While the CIF supplies Marines with the majority of their combat gear, supply Marines don't worry that the CIF will put them out of a job.

"You still need the management of Marines with everything," Chaline concluded. "With us, we are always getting the job done. We are always in a hurry to get the gear needed ordered and get it out to the Marines that need it. As long as you keep Marines on it, the job will always be taken care of."

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