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Policy - EMS Element 1
Policy page

The environmental policy is a public statement by senior leadership (at installation, regional, or HQMC levels) that, at a minimum, expresses commitment to environmental compliance, pollution prevention (P2), and continual improvement of the installation’s environmental performance.   

Element Purpose & Overview

The Commanding Officer of Marine Corps Air Station Miramar has issued and implemented the MCAS Miramar Environmental Policy Statement.  The environmental policy reflects the vision of the Marine Corps environmental management system (EMS) to sustain and enhance mission readiness, provide access to training environments, and commit to compliance with relevant environmental legislation, regulations, and policy, including, but not limited to:

  • pollution prevention

  • conservation of natural and cultural resources

  • cleanup of contaminated sites

  • minimizing risk to mission

The environmental policy also supports continual improvement in performance of the EMS, and is communicated to installation personnel and made available to the public.

The Miramar EMS is installation-wide in scope and covers all MCAS commands and units both active and reserve, contractor-operated practices, and DOD tenant organizations.  

MCO 5090.2 (JUN 2018)


Environmental Management Procedure

Annually, the EMS Team will review the MCAS Miramar Environmental Policy Statement.  If the policy statement is not appropriate to the installation’s activities and mission, or needs to be updated for some other reason, the EMS Team will prepare a proposed draft amendment and staff the document for the Commanding Officer’s review and approval.  (This should be done at the time of the annual EMS management review, but could occur, as necessary).  The EMS Team will also consider any recent Commandant of the Marine Corps White Letters relevant to environmental compliance matters.  If applicable and appropriate, the EMS Team will propose to the installation commander a policy for implementing White Letters.

The MCAS Miramar Environmental Policy Statement will also be posted at Environmental Portal.

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