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Recycling page


PHONE:  (858) 307-8872


The Qualified Recycling Program (QRP) is located at building 6310.  The mission of the QRP is to enhance and sustain mission resources by establishing a cost effective diversion program that reduces waste generation, increases waste diversion, makes efficient investments in pollution prevention, and optimizes cost avoidance.  By meeting this mission, the QRP will provide resource capability for the war fighter and improve human health and the environment.    Recycling aboard the Station is primary done through commingled recycling containers.  Glass, plastic, paper, aluminum cans, and other wastes can be commingled in all blue recycling collection containers.   Station activities and tenant commands shall participate in the recycling program as outlined in the Air Station's Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan.

 Plans used in the management of recycling activities aboard MCAS Miramar include:

Annual reporting of solid waste diversion (recycling) is reported to Headquarters Marine Corps via HQMC's Environmental Data Repository (EDR) online reporting.  

Records for direct sale of recyclables are maintained on site. 

Responsibilities of the Qualified Recycling Program Manager include:

  • Coordinate and manage the daily operations of the Station recycling center.    
  • Ensure all tenant units aboard Marine Corps Air Station Miramar are adequately equipped with recycling containers.
  • Research market conditions and conduct local sales and award sales agreements for commodities.
  • Ensure all applicable environmental laws and regulations are followed per DoD, Marine Corps, State and local directives.

Comprehensive Environmental Training and Education (CETEP)

  • CETEP Plan 
  • Recycling Poster    

Environmental Standard Operating Procedures (ESOP's)

The following ESOP's are related to Recycling:

ESPOs are currently under review.

Objective: Increase solid waste diversion to meet DOD solid waste and recycling metrics.

Target: Divert 40% non hazardous solid waste by 2020 and an additional 2% annually thereafter.

Recycling metrics are reported to higher headquarters annually.  Compliance Division will include recycling and solid waste management audits as part of the annual EMS audit.




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