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Environmental Management (S-7)


Environmental Management (S-7)


The Environmental Management System of MCAS Miramar
MCAS Miramar Environmental Management System


     MCAS Miramar's Environmental Management System (EMS) mission is to improve our environmental performance by specifying repeatable steps that our organization consciously implements to achieve our environmental goals and objectives, and to create an organizational culture that reflexively engages in a continuous cycle of self evaluation, correction and improvement of operations and processes through heightened employee awareness and management leadership and commitment.

     Miramar's EMS is expressed through this website, with each EMS component and its associated elements "living" on a webpage. This website provides tools for the operation of Miramar's EMS, and is designed to maximize the effectiveness of communication among environmental program media managers, stakeholders and those persons or organizations interested in MCAS Miramar's environmental affairs.

Upcoming Events and Training - Contact MCAS Miramar EMS/CETEP Coordinator - (858) 307-1306
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Public Awareness & Outreach

Due to the conditions involving COVID19, the Environmental Department is operating with limited staff on site.

Waste management to include HW disposal and recycling is available. 

ECC and HWC training has been postponed and will be rescheduled.

For daily assistance, contact us at 307-1108.

We will be back in normal operations just as soon as we are cleared to do so by higher headquarters.

In the meantime, please practice social distancing and wear masks as required.

Thank you, and be safe.