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Integrated Solid Waste Management
Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan page


PHONE:  (858) 307-8872


Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) is an adopted policy and preferred method for managing Miramar's solid waste program.  ISWM includes the concepts of source reduction and reuse, recycling and composting, and as a last resort disposal.  The Department of Defense requires installations to develop and implement an ISWM strategy to reduce solid waste disposal.  MCAS Miramar's written ISWM plan describes the necessary requirements for solid waste collection, storage and disposal to include: solid waste disposal and recycling of expended material.

Federal/State Laws and Applicable Regulations

DoD, DoN, USMC Policy


Supporting Information

Communication regarding solid waste management and recycling is done via:

  • Environmental Compliance Coordinator (ECC) Quarterly Meetings
  • Hazardous Waste Coordinator (HWC) Quarterly Meetings
  • Miramar EMS Webpage
  • Monthly Welcome Aboard Briefs
  • Emails, newsletters, posters, etc.


Every organization operating on Miramar generates solid waste in one manner or another, from administrative to landscaping.    Reducing the amount of solid waste disposed in the landfill, recycling to the maximum extent practical and conserving natural resources through source reduction will limit the impact to our environment.

The Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan is a tool used to target certain practices in order to reduce waste generation and increase recycling.

  • Food establishments will be targeted for composting opportunities, depending on ability to participate in private industry established composting programs.
  • Administrative offices will be targeted for separation of white high-grade paper to the maximum extent practicable.
Environmental Management Department personnel conduct daily refuse collection container inspections.  These inspections focus primarily on illegal disposal of hazardous waste and universal waste.  The secondary purpose is to evaluate recycling efforts aboard Miramar.
Marine Corps Air Station Miramar-EMS