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Pollution Prevention
Pollution Prevention page


PHONE: (858) 307-1087


Pollution Prevention (P2) is a cross-cutting program with relevance to most all other environmental program areas.  P2 pertains to energy and water conservation, emergency planning and response, solid waste reduction and recycling, hazardous waste minimization requirements, pesticide and non-point source pollution prevention, ozone depleting substances, and National Environmental Policy Act pollution prevention planning.


Federal Laws, Regulations & Executive Orders
  • P2 Act of 1990
  • CECRLA (Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation & Liability Act)
  • EPCRA (Emergency Planning Community Right-to-Know Act)
  • RCRA (Resource Conservation Recovery Act)
  • Clean Air Act
  • Clean Water Act
  • Executive Order 13693

Department of Defense & USMC Policy

Executive Order 13693 supercedes EOs 13423 and 13514 to continue in establishing reduction goals in energy, greenhouse gases, water and procurement. Additionally the EO requires for pollution prevention planning and sustainable federal building design.  Plans developed include:

Responsibilities for implementing Pollution Prevention policy is shared by all tenants aboard MCAS Miramar, to include:

  • Hazardous Waste Minimization
  • Promote P2 as the primary means of achieving and maintaining compliance with environmental requirements.
  • Know and comply with environmental rules and regulations that apply to individual duties.
  • Take advantage of P2 opportunities in everything the Air Station does.
  • Address environmental problems, rather than ignore them.


Training Resources & Presentations

Per MCO 5090.2 (JUN 2018), all personnel shall receive information on ways to improve the installation's P2 efforts.
Specific and general P2 training can be found on the HQMC General and specific P2 training is also contained in the Hazardous Waste Coordinator's (HWC) Course and the Environmental Compliance Coordinator's (ECC) Course held at MCAS Miramar.

Pollution Prevention education and community outreach are other forms of training that are available on the installation. There are numerous handouts, brochures and posters supporting this education and outreach effort. If you need P2 outreach materials for your workplace, please contact the Environmental Managment Office at 858-307-1108.

Nearly every activity aboard MCAS Miramar is impacted by pollution prevention requirements.  Examples include:

  • Clerical - reduce paper use and disposal.
  • Equipment maintenance- generate less hazardous waste.
  • Administative work spaces- reduce energy consumption.
  • Landscaping- compost green waste.
  • Vehicle operation- reduce fuel consumption and use alternative fuel vehicles.
  • Building construction- design sustainable energy efficient buildings.

As part of our commitment, all projects, planning and POA&Ms are tracked, followed and resolved using current Marine Corps software.

Marine Corps Air Station Miramar-EMS