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Lead-Based Paint Management/Abatement

Program Manager


Due to the presence of lead-based paints (LBP) and other lead contamination issues located throughout MCAS Miramar, specific regulatory requirements are required to be in place and enforced to ensure the protection of the environment, military personnel, military family members and civilian maintenance & construction staff who live, interact, and perform their daily job activities at this facility. Ultimately, the MCAS Miramar Environmental Management Division (EMD) should be responsible for enforcement of these regulations; but as per recommendations of the IG ECE Auditor, the Public Works Division APM should be made responsible to assume the role of Lead Program Manager (LPM) to ensure compliance with these regulations.

It is the responsibility of the LPM to:

  1. To the extent necessary coordinate the establishment or enhancement of a facility wide lead material management program for the Public Works Department.
  2. Ensure appropriate notification of all effected personnel prior to commencement of any operations that may generate any amount of airborne lead.
  3. Ensure all personnel who enter the control boundaries are appropriately trained as per 29 CFR 1910.1025, 29 CFR 1926.62, NAVMC OSH Program, and knowledgeable in the provisions of the work to be conducted.
  4. Ensure personnel who are assigned the lead related duties have received all required medical examinations/evaluations by the MTF (Medical Testing Facility).
  5. Provide technical support and guidance on the written aspects of the Lead Safety Program.
  6. Ensure appropriately required PPE for personnel is used for all involved in lead material activities and that those personnel have received the appropriate training for use of the equipment.
  7. Notify the Installation Safety Manager (ISM) or Station Industrial Hygienist (IH) of any significant changes in the processes or equipment being used on the project that may affect personnel exposure.
  8. Maintain a listing of all personnel in the medical surveillance program associated with the lead safety program.
  9. Redirect to the Station Industrial Hygienist (IH) any requests for evaluation of operations involving lead.
  10. Ensure a Hazard Assessment Survey has been completed for the task as per Chapter 13 of the NAVMC OSH Program.
  11. Notify the Station IH of personnel entering or working in the controlled boundaries area.
  12. Ensure all personnel are informed of proper safety equipment acquisition procedures.
NAVMC OSH Directive 5100.8, MCAS Miramar Station Order 5100.8, and the NAVMC OSH Program identify the necessity for a qualified and certified individual (Lead Program Manager) to perform duties on the station related to activities that may disturb lead containing materials and the necessary actions required to safely address these materials. The person selected to perform this duty is required to have extensive experience in lead related issues and hold specific certifications recognized by the U.S. DOD and the U.S. EPA. These certifications include:  Lead Project Supervisor, Lead Inspector, Lead Risk Assessor, and Lead Project Designer.
Marine Corps Air Station Miramar-EMS