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Environmental Standard Operating Procedures
Environmental Standard Operating Procedures page



To establish instructions for operational control, documentation record keeping, internal communication, emergency preparedness and response, inspection and corrective action, and training and awareness applicable to MCAS Miramar's practices with potential environmental impacts .

The following list of ESOP's is currently under review and revision.  Final ESOPs are required for organizations that could potentially employ the listed practice, to maintain at the workplace and periodically review them for accuracy and applicability.  Organizations are required to train, and document, appropriate individuals as to the contents of each applicable ESOP.

Aircraft Arresting Gear

Aircraft fluid Change

Aircraft Helicopter Fueling Defueling

Aircraft Parking

Aircraft Parts Replacement

Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Operations

Aircraft Takeoff and Landing

Aircraft Washing

Aqueous Film Forming Foam Use and Discharge


Athletic Facilities

Aviation Fuel Analysis

Backflow Prevention Cross Connection

Battery Disposal and Recycling

Battery Replacement

Boiler Operations

Brake Replacement

Building Operations

Capacitor Replacement

Compressed Natural Gas

Construction, Renovation, and Demo

Controlled Burn Operations

Degreasing Aerosols

Degreasing Aqueous

Degreasing Solvent

Diesel Power Generation

Dining Hall Operations

Emergency Generators

Flare and Smoke Usage

Freon Halon System

Fuel Draining

Fuel Dumping

Fuel Storage AST

Fuel Storage UST

Fuel Transport Pipeline

Fuel Transport Tanker Truck

Golf Course Operations

Grease Traps

Grinding Polishing Operations

Hazardous Material Storage

Hazardous Material Transportation

Jet Engine Test Cell

Landfill Trip Authorization

Lead Based Paint

Medical Dental Operations

Mobile Facilities Washing & Cleaning

Motor Vehicle Offroad

Oil Water Separators

Open Burning Open Destruction

Paint Booth Dry Filter

Paint Removal Chemical Stripping

Paint Removal Dry Abrasive Blasting

Painting Applications

Patch Testing

Pesticide Herbicide General

Photographic Development

Refrigerant Recovery, Replacement


Small Arms Range Operations

Soil Excavation Grading Dredging

Soldering Operations

Solid Waste Recycling Facility

Stump Brush Removal

Swimming Pool Chlorination

Tire Replacement and Disposal

Unexploded Ordnance & EOD Operations

Urban Wildlife Management

Used Oil and Antifreeze Accumulation

Vegetation Removal

Vehicle Fluids Change

Wash and rinse Sample Bottles- MERCADO










Marine Corps Air Station Miramar-EMS