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Management Review - EMS Element 17
Management Review page

EMS Element 17: Management Review

Element Purpose & Overview

The Miramar Environmental Impact Review Board (EIRB) is designated as the EMS Management Review Team.  The EMS Management Review Team reviews the installation’s environmental management system (EMS) annually, to ensure its adequacy, effectiveness, and continuing suitability to the base’s mission.  In turn, the EMS Management Review Team briefs Miramar’s leadership on opportunities for improvement and changes to the EMS, to include the environmental policy and environmental objectives and targets.

MCO 5090.2 (JUN 2018)

Environmental Management Procedure

The EMS Management Review Team is designated by the CO.  The Environmental Impact Review Board (EIRB) is designated as the EMS Management Review Team.  The EMS Management Review Team members are:

  • Executive Officer
  • Counsel
  • Operations Officer
  • I & L Officer
  • Community Plans & Liaison Officer
  • Environmental Management Officer (Chairman of the EIRB and Management Review Team)

 Annually, the management review team reviews:

  • Results of the annual EMS self-audit and conformance status, or of the external EMS audit, if conducted that year, and results of evaluations of compliance.
  • A review of significant environmental practices, highlighting those with the highest associated risks.
  • Progress in executing POA&Ms to correct identified nonconformities from previous management reviews (Management Review Team will highlight compliance deficiencies over a year old or which need the CO’s attention),
  • Results of external audits and regulatory inspections,
  • Communication from external interested parties,
  • Environmental performance, including objectives and targets and the status in meeting them, and other pertinent indicators of environmental performance to include program trends and root causal factors for compliance deficiencies,
  • Recommendations for improvement.

Records of the management reviews shall be retained and archived locally and on ECMS and will include any decisions and actions related to possible changes to environmental policy, objectives, targets and other elements of the environmental management system, consistent with the commitment to continual improvement.  Management review briefings, attendance records and meeting minutes and management review briefing materials will be posted at ECMS.

Marine Corps Air Station Miramar-EMS