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Non-Environmental, Other Monitored Programs
Several environmentally-sensitive programs are not under the administration or management of MCAS Miramar Environmental Management Department, but are periodically monitored and/or the facilities/personnel in which the programs are administered are reviewed for compliance and EMS conformance.

MCAS Miramar Environmental Management Department maintains a close working relationship with the program managers responsible for the following programs and maintain these programs as part of the MCAS Miramar Environmental Management System (EMS) as a requirement of Executive Orders (EO's) 13423 and 13514.

The following programs are not managed by S-7, Please refer to the program-specific page for contact information

Asbestos Abatement/Management

Water Conservation/Management

Lead-Based Paint Abatement/Management

Energy Management


Medical Waste Management

Pesticide Management

Transportation Management 








Marine Corps Air Station Miramar-EMS